Personal Branding

and Social Media Assistance for Small Business

When you know who your are, your followers understand your message, they get to know who you are. Have you put off polishing up your personal brand? Has time got in the way of cleaning up your online messaging? Does one social media account say a message, and another account says a different unclear message? Sandra Dee Adamack can help with bringing clarity to your Personal Brand. Have a look around on our website, and find out more on how you can define your brand, create a brand bio that attracts your perfect clients and customers, and create visually an appealing brand that is recognizable and will set you apart from your competitors.

La Mini Brand Kit

$299+ CAD | Colors+Fonts+Styles

Colors that describe, fonts that embellish, and styles that show who you are ... tie together to create your brand. This mini kit assists in creating social media posts, site content, and ads that make sense for small business.

Personal Branding

$499+ CAD | Half-Day Session

Personal Brand Photography for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. Capturing your true self within your personal work environment or among your business products in our private White Rock studio

Social Media Assistance

$900+ CAD | 1 Platform | 3-Months

Content creation is sometimes a problem for busy self-employed workers. Keywords, hashtags, and relatable consistent content can make a difference to grow your Instagram and Facebook following and engagement. 

Our Launch can get you featured on our website!

Here’s an opportunity to get your personalized La Mini Brand Kit for 50% off its regular price and be featured in a landing page showcasing your business, exciting features about you, your mission and your WHY. For 90 days straight we’ll feature your story and review of your experience using La Mini Brand Kit. You’ll be saving on a professional Brand Kit and receive some online marketing at the same time. Offer available December 2021 & January 2022.

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